5 March 2017

Hello again everyone!

The Clinic and Field Fire has not changed since last year so nothing new.

For Field Fire Shooters, expect to be able to start shooting around 1000 on Friday and Saturday. We don't have many Clinic shooters so we should be able to start shooting a bit earlier than pervious years.

The Clinic shooters need to be on site by 0830. Field Fire shooters can show up any time they want. When you do show up, remember to sign in with me or one of my cadre. We will be located behind firing point 60.

As in the past, we will use an air horn to signal firing and cease firing. One long blast of the air horn means cease fire. When the cease fire is given, unload your rifle and make safe. Two short blasts of the air horn mean you can continue to fire.

If you see anything that you think warrants a cease fire, call a cease fire! We will blow the air horn and then figure out what is going on. No one has ever been criticized for calling a cease fire so take it on your own to do so if you think it necessary.

Two more safety issues. Before you shoot at the targets on the top of the hill, make sure you have a zero that you trust. Take some shots at closer targets first. If you shoot at the targets on the top of the hill and your spotter can not see trace or splash, you may have put a round over the hill. Use your common sense but don't just keep adding elevation if you don't see splash or trace. We do not want bullets going over the top of that hill. For the shooters on the low end, avoid taking shots on targets that are on the far right of the 375 berm. This keeps bullets from flying over that end of the berm.

My steel is good for .30 caliber or less and any lead only bullet. If you want to shoot your .338 or .50 caliber, see me first and I will point out those targets that you can shoot.

We will have a cease fire for lunch, generally from 1200 to 1300. At 1500, we do a cease fire where you go to the 375 yard line and show Joe and his crew where you want your one large and two small boomer targets placed. We will bring some spray paint so you can mark your targets. Move back to the firing line and when I am positive it is safe to shoot, I will blow the air horn and you can shoot your targets. After about 15 minutes, I will do a cease fire and tell everyone that when we shoot again, they can shoot any target that is left. When I don't hear any more explosions, we do a final cease fire where I must be assured that your rifles are clear and off the firing line before clearing the range. So please, after we get done with the boomers, clear your rifles, case them, and get them off the firing line. Joe and crew are hard pressed to get the High Intensity event set up so remove the rifles from the line when the day is over.

So that is our schedule and our safety issues. If you have questions, ask us or someone who has been to the Field Fire or Clinic before.

Thank you!

Gene Econ
Last updated: March 6, 2017