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Boomershoot 2008


Sunday April 27th

Precision Rifle Clinic: April 25th and 26th

Precision Rifle Clinic After Action Review

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Spectators do not need to pay or reserve a position. They may just show up on the day of the shoot, be polite, and enjoy the show. For a more complete experience they can send an email to

bulletGeneral Information
bulletBoomershoot Dinner
bulletMinimum gun safety rules
bulletSubscribe to the Boomershoot announcement email list
bulletSubscribe to the Boomershooters discussion email list
bulletCleanup will be different this year
bulletCurrent status
bulletBoomershoot 2008 preparations
bulletPeople planning to be spectators sign up for emails about the event by sending an email to There is no no requirement to sign up in order to be a spectator but it will get them information about the Saturday night dinner and weather forecasts when the information becomes available.

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Boomershoot Dinner

Let’s all get together again this year and enjoy the food, fun, and camaraderie that we all enjoyed last year. This dinner should prove to the best ever with your host Joe Huffman.

Sign up here.

Bruce Leininger will be MC once again this year.

Ponderosa Restaurant

6->8pm raffle ticket sales
6pm Social Hour – No Host Bar
7pm Dinner and Speaker
8pm Raffle

220 Michigan Avenue
Orofino, Idaho 83544
(208) 476-4818

Dinner Price – $28.00 per person at the door.
Discount for early RSVP Registration – $26.00
Deadline for RSVP: April 21, 2008
Pre-pay with PayPal:
Amount includes Tips and Gratuities
Limited Dinner Tickets available at the door, please use PayPal or send a check.

A representative from NightForce will be our guest speaker.

12 oz. Prime Rib served with Baked Potato, Vegetables, Dinner Roll and a Small Salad Bar.
Dessert is included: Chocolate Cake.
Beverage is your choice of: Coffee or Soft Drink.

Raffle proceeds will be donated to the support of Project Valour-IT of Soldiers Angels. You may purchase raffle tickets without attending the dinner. You or a delegate must be present during the raffle to win.

"Every year we have soldiers from Fort Lewis come to Boomershoot to help teach people marksmanship. Some of those soldiers have been wounded and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers Angels helped Joe Huffman's nephew who lost an arm and an eye in Iraq. This is a worthy cause for all of us to support this year through our raffle proceeds."

Raffle tickets will sell for $1.00 each, 12 for $10.00, & 25 for $20.00.

50 / 30-10-10 50% to support Soldiers Angels and 30%-10%-10% raffled to three lucky participants.

 Boomershoot memorabilia to be raffled includes:

bulletBoomershoot Caps
bulletBoomershoot Mugs
bulletBoomershoot Mouse Pads
bulletItem’s / Donations from participants

All participants are encouraged to bring an item or two for the Raffle to help support Soldiers Angels.

Dinner guests should arrive early on Saturday evening for check-in as we will be issuing the Boomershoot Entrant Name Badges for you to wear during dinner.

Non-Boomershoot entrants will be issued guest badges at this time.
All issued badges must be worn during dinner so everyone will know your name.

During the Saturday evening dinner check-in, you should be prepared to recite the Safety Rules of the event. Reciting these Safety Rules is “Mandatory,” we take range safety extremely seriously. Failure to recite these “Safety Rules” means no Entrant Badge issued.

Knowing the Safety Rules at Dinner and picking up your Boomershoot 2008 badge on Saturday night rewards you with not having to stand in line on Sunday morning in whatever weather we might be having (Rain, Snow, Wind, and Hail) to recite the Safety Rules and acquire your badge then.

Any questions or suggestions – please contact:

Bruce J. Leininger
Boomershoot 2008 Dinner Organizer
Aka: Da Squirrel Hunter @

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Cleanup will be different this year

This is what "cleanup" is all about:

bulletBoomershoot 2006 -- via Ry
bullet Boomershoot 2007 -- via Jason
bullet Boomershoot 2007 -- via Random Nuclear Strikes
bulletBoomershoot 2007 -- via Thumper242

It's has been the most scary part of the event for me. So many people so close together in a highly excited state trying their best to hit as many targets as they can before someone else gets them. And there has been no way to have a range officer for every four or five people like I would like to have.

This year there will be a limit of 50 people total that may participate in "cleanup". This allows me to limit the number of targets I have to allocate and still give people a chance to get "their fair share".

We will do the cleanup in two or three shifts so we can have a good range officer to shooter ratio. This will also allow us to separate the shooters a little more and give them their own designated targets. Designated targets will mean they won't be quite so rushed.

Because shooters are guaranteed a minimum of five targets each there will be an additional cost associated with this part of the event. It will be $50 for each shooter.

If you want to participate in "cleanup" click the check box for "Cleanup Participant" when you sign up (coming soon).

If you want "more cleanup duty" then sign up (or have a buddy in another shooting position list you) as a spotter multiple times with the "Cleanup Participant" box checked. Because spotters get in free you can sign up multiple times as a spotter with "cleanup duty" and only pay the clean up fee. If this is a popular thing to do then next year it will be more straightforward.

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Minimum Gun Safety Rules


Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.


Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.


Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.


Always keep the gun in its case unless the muzzle is pointed downrange and within two feet of the shooting line.

These are the bare minimum rules which you must follow while at the event.  You MUST have them memorized.  Please read the additional rules and clarifications.

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Current Status

See also Joe Huffman's Boomershoot Blog entries.

April 12, 2008

Currently the site conditions are snowy and muddy. The weather forecast is not particularly encouraging. I will make another site visit one week before the event but participants should be prepared for the worst.

Dinner plans have been made for Saturday night. Please join us.

March 29, 2008

As of March 22nd the site had deep snow drifts in places. There were forecasts of several more inches of snow for today but I have not verified that.

In order for the ground to dry out we are going to need between two and three weeks of warm dry weather. We have four weeks available between then and now. The forecast for the next two weeks is mixed clouds, some sun, rain, and snow.

Participants should consider contingency plans for a cold, wet, and possibly muddy shooting area.

February 12, 2008

Gene reports on the precision rifle clinic, "I can take four more guys for coaching on each day and a good twenty more for field fire."

February 10, 2008

I've created an email list for people planning to be spectators. They can sign up for emails about the event by sending an email to There is no requirement to sign up in order to be a spectator but it will get them information about the Saturday night dinner and weather forecasts when it becomes available.

January 22, 2008

If you missed out on getting a shooting position for Boomershoot 2008 here is another chance.

Last May Boomershoot donated a position to the Friends of NRA which will be auctioned off at the 2008 Seattle Sportsmen's Convention:

Show up at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA February 15th and 16th to get another shot at Boomershoot 2008 and know your entry fee will go to a good cause.

July 7, 2007

The event is full. Send an email to to join the announcement email list. When a cancellation occurs I'll send a notice to the list.

June 21, 2007

The event is over 90% full. There are only five positions still available. All the .50 caliber positions are filled.

June 2, 2007

Entry for the general public is now open. Sign up here.

May 29, 2007

I've decided to do "cleanup" a little different this year. Details are here.

May 28, 2007

I've been making extensive changes to the online entry website. The version used for Boomershoot 2007 did not allow for easy modifications to people's entries. Inevitably people want to change positions, or add and substitute people. Previously that required a lot of manual labor. The situation is much improved and will be ready for use very soon.

May 26, 2007

The date has been set for April 27th. Details on how to enter will be announced soon.

May 19, 2007

My daughter Kim and her future mother-in-law helped clean up and do inventory post Boomershoot 2007.

The feasibility of having a limited number of people shoot at 1000 yard targets was explored. It will take a lot of work at the impact area to make that happen. That work will have to be done before the fall rains. I'm not sure if I will have the time do that this summer.

May 2, 2007

The Boomershoot 2007 survey is in progress. The date for Boomershoot 2007 has not yet been set. Expect the date to be a weekend in late April or early May.

Expect the price to be the same as 2007. 

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Email: Joe Huffman
Last updated: September 04, 2008